Gun Safes


At the Outdoorsman Sport Shop we offer a full line of gun safes, whether you own just a few guns or a whole arsenal, we have the right safe for you. There are many options to choose from whether it is fire ratings, colors, locks, or even interior lighting. One of our knowledgeable employees will help navigate you through all of the options to get you into a safe that works for you.

Often times people think that they do not have enough guns to make a gun safe a priority, but often times there are many other benefits besides protecting your firearms. A personal gun safe can also protect valuable documents one could lose to a fire or theft, jewelry or other precious belongings, and even things you would like to store while you are out of town. Having the security of knowing that your most valued belongings are more secure is a valuable thing in itself.

Superior Safe logo 1200ppi Safeguard Rhino